The best altcoin faucets

List of the best altcoin faucets

Altcoins are alternative peer-to-peer digital cryptocurrencies launched after the success of Bitcoin, in an attempt to imitate that success. Altcoin is a combination of the words "alt" and "coin"; alt is short for alternative and coin means currency.
Water bowls (aka "faucet") are services that allows each visitor to receive free altcoins by simply inputing their wallet address or processing easy tasks.
For each altcoin you must have a specific Wallet to use the faucets. You can download a wallet from the altcoin official sites, or better using an Exchange wallet address, where you can also trade altcoins for Bitcoin.

Confirmed Paying Altcoin Faucets. List updated on May 10th, 2016

CoinCoin CodeFaucetsExchange
ARCHcoinARCHARCHcoin FaucetPoloniex
BlackCoinBLKBlackCoin FaucetPoloniex
DobbsCoinBOBDobbsCoin FaucetCryptopia
BitcoinBTCSee detailed Bitcoin Faucets List
BitcoinDarkBTCDBitcoinDark FaucetBleutrade
Crypto BullionCBXCrypto Bullion FaucetCryptopia
ClamsCLAMClamcoin FaucetBleutrade
DASHDASHDASH FaucetBleutrade
DogecoinDOGEDogecoin FaucetBleutrade
EthereumETHSee detailed Ethereum Faucets ListBleutrade
FeathercoinFTCFeathercoin FaucetCryptopia
CypherfunksFUNKCypherfunks FaucetCryptopia
GridcoinGRCGridcoin FaucetC-Cex
HamRadioCoinHAMHamRadioCoin FaucetBleutrade
HyperStakeHYPHyperStake FaucetCryptopia
LiskLSKLisk FaucetYoBit
LitecoinLTCLitecoin FaucetBleutrade
MoincoinMINTMoincoin FaucetC-Cex
MooncoinMOONMooncoin FaucetBleutrade
NamecoinNMCNamecoin FaucetBleutrade
NubitsNBTNubits FaucetPoloniex
NyancoinNYANNyancoin FaucetCryptopia
PacCoinPACPacCoin FaucetBleutrade
PiggyCoinPIGGYPiggyCoin FaucetCryptopia
PeercoinPPCPeercoin FaucetCryptopia
QoraQORAQora FaucetBter
ReddcoinRDDReddcoin FaucetBleutrade
RiecoinRICRiecoin FaucetPoloniex
RubycoinRBYRubycoin FaucetCryptopia
ShadowCashSDCShadowCash FaucetYoBit
SpartancoinSPNSpartancoin FaucetCryptopia
StartCoinSTARTStartCOIN FaucetCryptopia
TrianglesTRITriangles FaucetCryptopia
TittieCoinTTCTittieCoin FaucetCryptopia
VeriCoinVRCVeriCoin FaucetBleutrade
CryptoniteCoinXCNCryptoniteCoin FaucetBter
MagiXMGMagi FaucetBleutrade


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